Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

A new swing.

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baby swing


When Mike and my parents were here one of the things they did was put up this swing.

I had been wanting this swing put up for the boys ever since we moved into this house.

The only problem is that all of my trees are super tall.

And I do not have a ladder nearly big enough to reach the lowest branch.

But the good news is that my brother is a freak.

And he somehow managed to climb this tree without killing himself.

I was at work but apparently he tied a rope to a rock.

Threw it over a branch.

And then climbed the rope up the tree.

Once on the branch he was able to tie up the other rope.

And boom.

Two ropes hanging from a tree.

Add the swing and now we have hours of fun for both the boys.


They love this swing.

Bowen falls asleep in it.

Linc loves pushing his brother.

And Linc also enjoys swinging too.

I heart our backyard swing.




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