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Saturday Recap: What we did


First, CVS Minute Clinic.

I was feeling rather ill and pretty sure I had an ear infection, so this was a must-do unfortunately.

I should be a doctor because I did in fact have that ear infection.

And bronchitis.

Not feeling the greatest.

And trying to wrangle in two boys under two for an hour while mommy is at the doctor is no easy task.

After doctor.


Yay for naps.

Then outside.

We climbed on the Space Dome.





Played on the swing.



Made some Space Sand

{baby oil and flour mixed to form moldable soft sand}



And relaxed in the fresh air.



Then we went inside and watched some Final Four.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Recap: What we did

  1. Wow! It’s great to see them playing with the swing and space dome – extra fun because Grandpa and Uncle Mike help set them both up. Maybe we don’t live close enough to see them very often, but when we do come for a visit there are at least some lasting effects! :-). We loved the pictures – I just want to eat them up!!! XXXOOO

  2. I flip for a baby in a hat 😉

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