Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

A gentle reminder: We are blessed.



There is nothing like a hospital stay in pediatrics to remind you how truly blessed we are.

Our stay here is temporary.

And some kids know this place way too well.

Walking around these halls is enough to make me cry.

And every room I pass that looks more like a dorm room than a dull hospital room.

I pray.

Thank you.

Thank you Lord that my child won’t be here long enough for this to be his home.

Thank you for the one change of clothes I brought for the night.

Thank you for only one ambulance ride.

Good reports.

And a controllable temperature.

Thank you for Baby Bowen.

For every late night feedings.

All the wet and soiled diapers.

And those shrill longing cries for his mommy.

Because now I know,

These are health.

Every time I wake in the middle of the night to that sweet baby smell, restless little cry, and big blue eyes.

I will remember this trip.

And I will know.

We are blessed.


2 thoughts on “A gentle reminder: We are blessed.

  1. The Lord loves a grateful spirit! And, yes – so much to be thankful for. Grandma & Grandpa are thankful for our grandsons and their wonderful mom (our Heidi)!

  2. omg. I think about this every time i have the urge to bitch about a sleepless night or a difficult day. I try to welcome them, because it reminds me that my child is healthy, and what some parents wouldn’t give for the days I have.

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