Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

Lincoln makes me smile.

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I love this kid.

He cracks me up and makes me smile all day long.

It’s a good thing too.

It just so happens we spend a lot of time together 🙂


I love his obsession with basketball.  Sure I hear that word in my sleep but at least it isn’t Dora or something worse.  I can live with basketball, heck, I even like it.  The fact that he has to take a basketball with him everywhere is nothing less than hilarious.  Screw a blanket or stuffed animal.

Pass that kid the rock.


He makes me spray perfume on him every morning.  Love it…people tell me constantly that Linc is “all boy.”  Well this boy likes to smell good.  We have the application process down.  Spray, then dance in it.  It has become a part of our morning routine.


I like watching him eat.  Is that weird?  He just looks so cute.  He will stuff a bunch of food in his mouth and then try his best to chew with his mouth closed.  I didn’t teach him that, he just born with these impeccable table manners (har har).  Maybe it’s a toddler thing.  Do all toddlers chew with their mouths closed?


If at any point during the night I say “go hug BoBo”, he will.  This is amazing because he only listens to me when he wants to, which is rare, so he must really like his brother.  It is so sweet.  And kind of dangerous, he is a little rough.


Bedtime kisses.  He is not very cuddly but when I am tucking him in at night he can’t get  enough mommy kisses.  I love it.  These few minutes are my absolute favorite of the night

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