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Whitening my teeth by candlelight.

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I seriously could never be Amish.

We have no power and I really like Sunday night television.

I realize I just wrote an entire post on how I am motivated not to watch crap on tv and do other more life enhancing productive things but…a little background noise never hurt anyone.

Plus, doing things in the dark takes twice as long.

And, I can’t do laundry without power, dishes, cleaning, and anything else remotely productive.

I could go to bed early, that is healthy.

But the sooner I go to bed the sooner it is Monday and then I have to go to work.

Meh, I guess I will just keep playing games on my phone.

He looks cute even by candlelight.


One thought on “Whitening my teeth by candlelight.

  1. Grandma agrees – he’s adorable by candlelight!

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