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Ode to Mornings.

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Found this little gem tonight in my drafts.  Apparently my desire to do anything remotely productive hit an all time low a few weeks ago and I chose to do this instead of one of the million other things I had to do.  Procrastination leads to creativity, who knew.

linc morning

Oh dear mornings,

I hate you so.

Trying to get ready,



We change all the diapers,

and put on our clothes.

Drink all our milk,

and wipe every nose.


While  mom runs like crazy,

The kids lay about.

Just my luck…

A diaper blew out.


Don’t worry about me,

Oh gross that’s a splatter.

It’s only my sanity,

It really doesn’t matter.


Why do you hate me?

What’s with the tude?

What I wouldn’t do,

For a quick little snooze.


We must do a treatment,

And spray up your nose.

Suck out the buggers,

And play with your toes.


Oh God, whats that noise,

Bo, where is your brother?

Linc what are you doing,

Hiding under my covers?


And no you can’t,

Play with my phone.

You press every button,

When left all alone.


Just a few things,

And then we are through.

Oh my God,



When we get in the car,

And drive a few blocks.

Drop of my babies,

And then comes that thought.


What if my mornings,

Were peaceful and lazy?

I could wake up late,

And I didn’t go crazy.


But what would I do,

When there’s no toes to tickle?

No happy squeals,

And no little giggles.


Although they are crazy,

And never a bore.

I can’t imagine life,

Without one morning more.


Although I hate mornings,

I love what they mean.

Another day with Linc n’ Bo,

Another night between.


The two things that I love,

More than my life.

I wouldn’t miss a moment,

They’re worth all the strife.


One thought on “Ode to Mornings.

  1. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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