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This Weeks Quest: Find a double stroller

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The way I currently travel. Toddler in stroller, and baby strapped to chest. Eventually the baby is going to get too big for this. And I’m already tired.

It needs to happen.

I thought I would be thrifty.

I thought I was being smart.

I don’t need a double stroller, I will just carry the baby in my Boba (which I love) and then Linc can ride in the stroller.

Thought the idiot.

Or if I am being nice to myself, the naive.

It just doesn’t work.

It is hot, difficult to maneuver, the toddler wants to get out and run every once in a while, you have absolutely no personal space, and are constantly switching the toddler and baby in and out of the stroller like it is the best carnival ride on the planet.

I need another solution.

And when I say need, I mean need.

Not like I need food, but like I need a little bit of sanity.

I want to be able to do fun things with my kids like KC Jiggle Jam and the way I am doing things now just isn’t working.

So double stroller investment here I come.

And I think it will be a good investment, because as I was looking around yesterday, kids up to 4 or 5 years of age are sitting in strollers.

Not because they can’t walk, but so moms can manage.

I am checking out Craigslist for a good deal.

So far I found a double jogging stroller (you will never see me jogging with it, but walking, yes) and a sit-and-stand stroller.

We will see if they are still available but both would be great I think.

Any advice?

Does anyone have a sit-and-stand, do you like it?

What is the top amount you would pay for a used stroller?


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