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Well I bought a stroller.

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Two strollers actually.

That is what I get for trying to save money.

I bought something that doesn’t really work for me from a second hand store.

I was excited about this amazing deal I was getting.

I took the stroller straight from the store to the park and then BAM.

I realized that this is not at all what I wanted.

The front wheel is fixed.

Which basically means you can go straight, and if you want to turn, too bad.  Straight.  That is the direction.

If you are an avid runner this is great because then the wheel will not shake when you pick up speed.

I don’t plan on ever picking up speed.

So I quickly realized that this is not the stroller for me.

So it was back to the drawing board and I spent another few days lugging to kids around to every store, and garage sale on earth.

And then I was done.

I didn’t find anything or if I did find something good on Craigslist it would be gone before I could get to it.

Defeated, I turned to Walmart.

I do not know why I neglected this go-to store to begin with, my life would be so much easier if I just kept doing what worked.

I bought a hybrid jogging stroller online and it should be here by Tuesday.

The In-Step.Unknown

The most affordable, double jogging stroller on the market, but has great reviews.

And I cannot spend 500 dollars on a stroller.

150, sure.

This will be good on long walks but also not to big for shopping, doctors appointments, and other errands in which I am toting around two under two.

So hybrid it is.


One thought on “Well I bought a stroller.

  1. This was a fun read! Don’t stress on the stroller too much though ….the boys will be up an running before you know it and “too big” to ride around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on making that process and the value you got in the end!!!

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