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Leftovers turned summer salad


For a quick lunch today we chopped up the leftover steak and asparagus from last nights dinner, mixed it with the quinoa, threw in some Parmesan cheese and random seasoning, and viola!

An asparagus and steak summer salad.

I’m pretty proud of myself.

Lincoln didn’t like it but what do toddlers know.

He can’t even talk yet, so obviously the answer is, nothing.

It was good.

Trust me.



2 thoughts on “Leftovers turned summer salad

  1. I tired a quinoa salad at a Sunday brunch a few weeks ago and loved it. How do you prepare it? Is it easy? Because it sure is delicious.

    • Don’t worry, if I make it, you know it is easy:) To cook the quinoa all you need to do is bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for twenty minutes and done! My favorite way to eat it is to add olive oil, black beans, and red pepper. So good!

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