Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

Planning my weekly menu.


I heard that if you go to the grocery store with a plan you spend less money.

And tonight Isaac has the boys for a little while before bed so I can go grocery shopping childless!

Our breakfast is always the same.

Me: homemade egg and cheese on an English muffin

Linc: blueberries, grapes, and peanut butter toast

Bo: boob

And lunches are almost always leftovers or tuna

So dinners are what takes planning, so here is what I am thinking, prepare to be dazzled.

BBQ chicken in the crockpot
Green beans

Spaghetti squash with meat

Turkey roast
Potatoes and green beans

Cheeseburgers on the grill
Tomato and cucumber salad

Dinner out? This is my one childless night. I will either be ordering in, or going to dinner with friends.

Grilled steaks
Asparagus (market)
Potatoes (market)

Tilapia filets
Green beans

Cottage cheese
String cheese
Homemade popcorn

Desserts/Sweet treats:
Cinnamon and brown sugar steal cut oats with fruit
Apples and vanilla yogurt
Mocha protein shake


2 thoughts on “Planning my weekly menu.

  1. Looks great, I use a handy little app to help meal plan. I don’t want to spam, but if you think it may be of use let me know and I’ll link.. it’s free btw.
    I find meal planning saves time, money and mostly importantly it cuts down on my stress levels at meal times.


  2. YUM!!!

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