Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.


Letting him pick.

Every night we do the same thing.

We have a routine.

Bath, brush, book, and bed.

And although every once in a while I think it is okay to skip the bath, book and bed will never be altered.

No matter how late it is.

{Truth be told, I am really pretty strict about bed time. There may be one night a week were Linc is up later because we are at an event or something, but those really don’t happen often}

There is a small bookshelf in Linc’s room that holds all of his board books.


His shelf.

And he gets to choose his book.

I have noticed that this process has become more intense as he has grown older.

I truly believe that one of Lincoln’s favorite parts of the day is choosing his own book.

He feels empowered.

He will stand at that book shelf and move books around, look at some pictures, ponder, then put one back, until…

He has the perfect book.

If I ever try to help even move books around so he can see them all I get an instant whine of disapproval.

This is his thing.

Just recently I have started to bring in longer books for us to read but he still gets to pick from his shelf.

Long book…then Lincoln’s book.


His bedtime.

His book.


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Battle of the Brush…Okay, it’s not a battle (that just sounded good) but it does seem unproductive

toddler brushing teeth


Those tiny teeth.

That little tiny tooth-brush.

The Thomas the Train toothpaste.

And my sweet little boy.

It really doesn’t sound too menacing, and it’s not.

So I don’t know why it bothers me.

Probably because I feel like nothing is really being accomplished.

First I let him try.

Silly, he just puts it in his mouth takes it out, repeat.

Then I help.

Also silly, I struggle to get him to open, I try to brush his little pearly whites, but it really just seems like the toothbrush barely makes contact.


I am hoping that forming the habit is really the purpose of toddler tooth brushing.

They do, after all, lose these teeth eventually.

And he does look pretty cute trying.



toddler brushing teeth