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A boys first ice cream cone.

These are the photos of pure bliss.


In a cone.

And all mine.








It didn’t take me very long to figure out why no other toddlers had their own ice cream cone.

But oh well.

Sometimes you just have to live.



Blueberries, Grapes, and a Chili Quesidilla

That was our dinner.


We like chili here.

It is inexpensive to make.


And delicious.

There is only one problem.

You can’t make a little.

The only people eating solids in this house are me and a toddler.

And although Linc is a beast.

A whole pot of chili is more than we can handle.

So we have leftovers.

Lots and lots of leftovers.

Today I had a bowl for lunch.

Tonight, chili quesidillas

Yesterday, chili nachos.

Tomorrow, possibly chili mac.

It is never-ending.

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Our new favorite snack: That you probably don’t want to eat if you come to our house.

Pita Chips.

Specifically cinnamon sugar pita chips.


Picture compliments of Fritolay. However, if you are looking for a bargain. HyVee makes an imitation that is delicious.


Lincoln loves them too.

Except if he get one with not enough cinnamon sugar to his liking.

Then he puts it back in the bag.

After he has already taken a bite.

Makes sense to a toddler.

But next time I may want to buy two bags.

One for me and any company we have.

And one for Linc.

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I need to stop eating.

weight loss cartoon

This is a true story.

Pregnancy is over.

The days of stuffing my face in the name of I’m getting “fat” anyways needs to end.

My first pregnancy was good.

I worked out like a freak.

It was summer, I didn’t have any kids yet, and I had all the time in the world.

I would wake up every morning, go to the gym, and then lay my pregnant belly out at the pool.

This pregnancy,

not so much.

It was winter, I had a one year old, I was working, and I ate like it was a hobby.

And it tasted good too, I’m not going to lie, eating everything in sight without abandon is rather scrumptious.

But it needs to end.

Summer is approaching,

And I am bigger than ever before.

I love the pool and I love to play with my kids.

And there is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious.

I need to down-size for my kids.

I owe it to them to be able to play with them without thinking about how big my rear end looks in my swimsuit,

Or how flabby my arms look in a tank top.

I need to have photos of them when they are young and not worry about Victoria (the pet name for my double chin) showing to the world.

So here is the plan…stop eating so much.

I don’t think weight loss is complicated, the concept is easy.

It’s the execution that is tough.

Eat less.

Put down the cookie.

Stop shoveling in mexican food.

And no, you don’t need that candy bar on your way out of the store.


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Dear mom, it could be worse.

toddler dirty clothes pile

Dear mom,

I am so sorry.

I know how it appears, and to unassuming eyes it could be frightening.

But I really did try.

Even though it looks as though a tornado full of crumbs and apple sauce has hit my home in the not so distant past,

believe me,

it could have been worse.

You see I have enemies.

These small creatures that live in my home and prohibit me from doing any housework.

One is menacing and cruel.

Every object I pick up he takes right back out.

He gets in the garbage and plays in the trash.

He hides my Sperry’s in places I can’t find them, such a clever distraction.

And the other one,

he is almost worse.

His power is his scream.

If you get further then 3 feet from him he will deafen you with his cries.

Oh the horror of my situation.

I have tried to make friends with these small things but to know avail.

I have even tried to nurish them to win thier favor,

but no.

They mock me and spit out their food, throwing it on the floor and mushing it into the carpet.

They spill their milk and throw their plates.

I cannot win.

The house cannot be cleaned.

Please do not judge and know that I tried.

But it’s these creatures,

they are just so mean.

And believe me,

It could have been worse.



Bizarrely Inappropriate


Today we all left the house for a much-needed break.

The kids and I tried to escape on our own and got about 3 houses down before getting stuck.

I’m so ashamed.

After getting back in the drive-way we called Isaac and admitted our defeat.

He had mercy on our locked-in, cabin-fevered selves, and picked us up for dinner.

God bless him.

We went to Chili’s and as we were eating a waitress (not ours) came up and commented on our adorable small child, Bo.

I don’t think this is weird, I make cute kids, so I thanked her and then she was on her way.

Later on in the meal Bo started crying and I had no choice but to feed him in the restaurant.

I don’t mind breast-feeding in public, but it is a little awkward.

But this waitress kept walking by our table looking for Bo.

Um, he is under my sweatshirt gnawing on my breast, do you mind not staring?

This happened once or twice and I just thought I may be imagining things because I am a little self-conscious about feedings in public.

But then, after Bo finished, she walked by again and said,

“I know this is really weird, but do you mind if I hold your baby?”

Um, yes, as a matter of a fact, I do.  First of all, I am eating.  I haven’t left the house in upwards of 48 hours, I finally have two hands to work with because I just finished feeding an infant, AND this is ice cream, so I would like to eat it now SO IT DOESN’T MELT.  Second, I don’t know you!  You could have the bubonic plague for all I know.  This is an infant, he is not even two months old, as much as you think I want your stranger, diseased hands all over my son, I DON’T.  Lastly, I STILL don’t know you, and you seem weird, because no one in their right state of mind would come up and ask a mother, who they don’t know, if they can hold their very tiny infant son.  See me women?  I am mama bear, this is my cub. Now back the F up before I get all gangster on your a**.

So obviously, what I actually said was,

“Sure, of course.”


Watermelon and Sweet Potato Fingers

On my search to keep feeding my little Linc healthy nutritious food I tried something new tonight, watermelon and sweet potato fingers.

I read a blog every now and then called Mama.Papa.Bubba, and this women feeds her daughter so well I have a tendency not to like her.

Just kidding.

But I am extremely jealous.  If I fed Lincoln half that well I would be pretty proud of myself.

Anyways, I was inspired by the “watermelon sticks” she fed her daughter.  I don’t know why I never thought of watermelon, but what a great idea.  I also bought a few sweet potatoes (cheap and Linc loves them) and thought I could make those fingers too!


Linc loved it.  It was something new.  And this is one more day where I can feel proud of myself as a mom.

And all I did was feed him a dinner other than easy mac 🙂