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Fat kid in a little diaper.

The day of his appointment.

The day of his appointment.

Okay, in his defense, he is really not fat.

But we had a wellness appointment for little Linc yesterday and he is in the 100 percentile in weight and height.

Which make sense, because he no longer fits into his diapers.

We are buying size 6!

Do they make a bigger size other than pull-ups?

I have kind-of looked, but I think this is the largest size for real diapers.

I see sleep diapers for older kids and things like that, but what are you supposed to do when your 1-year-old is busting out of size sixes?

Seriously, the sticky velcro sides are unlatching.

And for once in my life I am not buying cheapies!

(I know the value of a good diaper…trust me)

We are wearing Huggies and Pampers.

Crazy big kid.

No wonder my back hurts.

The good news is the doctor said he is perfectly healthy.  I shouldn’t be worried about his weight because it is proportioned.

So yay for a good report.

And boo for small diapers.



Is anything ever easy?


Going to the store with two kids under two. Not easy.

Toddler pooping in store,

things are getting trickier (it stinks and people are looking at you thinking “gross, how could you possibly let your child sit in a poopy diaper” and I am thinking ” honestly, I just changed his diaper before we walked out the door, please don’t judge me).

Then you realize the child has actually had a blow-out in his new Huggies Easy-Up diapers, which are awful.

Things just got worse.

As if this isn’t bad enough your toddler suddenly realizes he has poop overflowing the top of his pants, and of course decides to reach back there and pick it up.

“uh oh”

Poop in the hair.

“uh oh”

Poop on the cart.

“uh oh”

Yes child, uh oh.  There is now crap everywhere.

Lets try to not draw attention to ourselves and get the crap out of here.

Then the baby starts screaming.

As you head for the door with your head hung in shame you realize, there is no electronic door.


is anything ever easy?


The great diaper debate: Pampers vs. Huggies


Earlier this week I cam across this blog questioning the sanctity of the various diapers we mama’s use and it got me thinking…

Does anyone like Huggies?

I am totally an off-brand mom.

I have to be.

But when it comes to diapers it is totally worth the money to get something that works and works well.

For me, and most moms I talk to, that is Pampers.

I specifically am a huge fan of Swaddlers.  They are the best.

However, I recently made a terrible mistake.  I saw a commercial for Huggies Easy-Up diapers and thought, “what a great idea, I should sooo buy those for Lincoln.”

Well it is a good idea, getting those easy-up diapers is a breeze and a great transition into pull-ups…

too bad Pampers didn’t think of it.

I have had more blowouts this week than I have had in the entire rest of his life combined.

He was sent home from daycare TWO DAYS last week!

He may not have had the most solid of bowel movements but had he been in Pampers, I doubt I would have been picking up a poopy child.

So mama’s of the world?  What do you prefer?  Is anyone out there a Huggies girl?  Has anyone had success with off brands?  I would love to hear all about it.