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2013 Toddler Bucket List *pt.1

toddler hat

Make a dirt truck play area in the yard

I have had this idea for a while but he has not really been old enough to get into it yet.  However, he has just started to take an interest in “driving” his toy cars and trucks around the house and I think this would be perfect.  In our backyard we have a few untouched flower beds that would be perfect.  The plan is to get some fresh pliable dirt, maybe mix it with a little sand, place some shovels, buckets, cars, and dump trucks out there and let him play.

Play play play!

I would probably help him build a few roads but that is it.  I think this would be a blast for him and am actually pretty excited about it.

Harlem Globe Trotters Event

Lincoln loves basketball.  I can’t think of something more perfect for him.  He would have a blast.  I think if I can I will even try to purchase some good seats so that we can be right in the action.

Go to the Aquarium

We go to this restaurant every now and then called Cheddar’s.  Cheddar’s has a large fish tank in the waiting area and Lincoln is obsessed.  I know that he will be absolutely fascinated by the aquarium but it is a little expensive.  That won’t stop us but we will have to plan for it and make sure we can spend a long glorious day there soaking up every bit.


These are just a few things that I want to do with my little man, there are so many more 🙂