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Mom Dictionary: The dead-leg

Dead-Leg: noun, verb Dead-Legged, Dead-Leg.ging

1.  The act  of your perfectly capable child going completely limp while you are trying to guide them by hand to a particular location.  Typically occurs when your arms are completely full and there is no possible way you could pick your child up and carry them to the set destination.

Today when I was leaving the store with the baby strapped to my chest and my hands full of grocery bags, Lincoln decided to dead leg me in the middle of parking lot.

2.  A very effective toddler vs. parent strategy in which the toddler suddenly pretends all of their body parts are limp noodles.  If performed correctly, this strategy is 100% effective, and your parents will have no choice but to pick you up and carry you.  For further irritation, dead-leg them and then immediately, once they pick you up, cry and scream for them to put you down.

Today when we were leaving the store my mom was carrying my brother and not me.  I realized that now, while several cars were waiting on us, would be the perfect time for me to carry out my revenge for her obvious favoritism.  So, I dead legged her right there in the middle of the road.  She was then forced to face the judgment of an ill-behaved child and figure out a way to carry groceries and two babies at one time (ha ha ha, evil laugh).  Point for the toddler, works every time!