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What Linc is Reading: Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli


The boy loves this book.

But it is all in how it is read.

And I am incredibly obnoxious.

Each page has a LOUD noise and a quiet noise.


The key is to yell the LOUD noises as LOUD as you can.

And whisper the quiet noises so so quietly.

So much fun.

And he can’t get enough.

However, this would be a really bad choice for a bedtime book.




An unusual conviction

you have brains in your head

You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

This is an incredibly positive and encouraging quote when beginning a journey.  But at the end of your journey, when your choices have led you astray…

it’s just pretty real.

It is not everyday you feel convicted by Dr. Seuss.


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Just Chillin

Today was a pretty relaxed day.  Mike and I went on a walk and then he played basketball while I watched in the stroller.  When mom got home we just hung out and played on the porch.  She introduced me to bubbles which I was not that impressed with.  I think she was disappointed that I wasn’t more excited but really I thought they were kind of scary.  However…playing/chewing on the stick was a great time!


Tonight mom and I read two books before bed instead of one!!!  Rise and Shine is my favorite.  I love to sing and dance to the song in this book!  And after I get all excited we read the Wee Little Lamb to calm down.  I fell asleep in my crib tonight without crying one bit.