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Mom sandwich and the story of the never ending night.

Truth be told, it is not really much of a story.

It’s just that NO ONE slept last night.

Bowen couldn’t fall asleep.

He was awake and very needy from about 4 until I finally got him to fall asleep at 12:30.

Lincoln fell asleep but woke up for the first time around 10 and it was all down hill from there.

He just wanted to do anything but sleep.

Play, check.

Eat, check.

Cry, check.

Drink milk, check.

Anything. But. Sleep.


And, when he did finally fall asleep it was on me.

Hence the mom sandwich.

The only sleep (and I use that term loosely) I got was with an infant cuddled up on one side of me (after his 18th or so feeding of the night) and a toddler with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck (I wish I was joking) breathing stinky little toddler breath into my face.

I’m tired.

It was just one of those nights.

They don’t happen often but when they do, dear Lord.



Bath Tub Painting

I wanted to do something fun with Lincoln today but really didn’t have anything I needed for the fun stuff I wanted to do.

No flour for moon sand.

No glue for slime.

No jello or corn starch to make play dough.

No felt to make a quiet book page.

But we did have this…

washable paint

So we decided to paint.

After thinking about what would make the least amount of mess for me to clean up I thought,

why don’t we do it in the bathtub!!!

There are very few times during my life, especially since having kids, where I thought,

dude, that was smart.

But this was one of them.

We started by taping some paper to the shower, pouring some paint into containers, and stripping down to a diaper.

toddler painting


It started a little slow, and at first he wasn’t sure what to do.

toddler painting


Then I couldn’t help myself and I started to paint Lincoln while he was painting the wall.



Then he started to paint himself.

Which may not seem like a big deal, but Linc has some sensory issues and normally HATES having slimy, paint like stuff on his hands and body.  So this was a little success for me getting him to cross that threshold.



Then we just got crazy.


DSC00908Drink break.

DSC00909And back to painting.



The thing that made this so awesome was the clean-up.

It was so easy…we just turned on the water and I gave Linc a wash cloth.

He had just as much fun cleaning up as he did painting 🙂



toddler bath


I would absolutely do this activity again before doing the bath paints using shaving cream and food coloring.

This was less of a mess, easier to clean up, and more fun.

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First Sewing Project

Well after several months with a brand new sewing machine sitting in a box in my garage…

I opened it up,

I read the directions,

I got it to work,

I made some bean bags with my little side-kick,

and then we played.








I can’t wait to start making some of the cute sewing projects that I have seen in Pinterest.


Mom Rule #1

It is really tough to have rules for and eight and a half month old, I pretty much call all the shots at this age.

Until now…

As I was feeding my little terdlet tonight on the couch, which I am certain has nothing to do with the fact the high chair had yet to be cleaned from the night before, the little stink kept grabbing for a book on the other side of the sofa.  After a continuous struggle of refocusing his attention on his food I finally wised up and removed the book from the couch.

Well, the resourceful little terd then managed to find a frisbee on this same couch.

Hello, new fixation.

Not learning from my past mistakes, I kept taking the frisbee from his hands and moving it further from him on the couch.

The obvious move would be to also move the frisbee to a new out-of-sight location.  But I enjoy making life difficult for myself.

As a result I kept catching myself saying the same few words.

“No toys while eating.”

“No toys while eating.”

“Not toys while eating”

And there it was…

My first rule.