Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.


Letting him pick.

Every night we do the same thing.

We have a routine.

Bath, brush, book, and bed.

And although every once in a while I think it is okay to skip the bath, book and bed will never be altered.

No matter how late it is.

{Truth be told, I am really pretty strict about bed time. There may be one night a week were Linc is up later because we are at an event or something, but those really don’t happen often}

There is a small bookshelf in Linc’s room that holds all of his board books.


His shelf.

And he gets to choose his book.

I have noticed that this process has become more intense as he has grown older.

I truly believe that one of Lincoln’s favorite parts of the day is choosing his own book.

He feels empowered.

He will stand at that book shelf and move books around, look at some pictures, ponder, then put one back, until…

He has the perfect book.

If I ever try to help even move books around so he can see them all I get an instant whine of disapproval.

This is his thing.

Just recently I have started to bring in longer books for us to read but he still gets to pick from his shelf.

Long book…then Lincoln’s book.


His bedtime.

His book.


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Fat kid in a little diaper.

The day of his appointment.

The day of his appointment.

Okay, in his defense, he is really not fat.

But we had a wellness appointment for little Linc yesterday and he is in the 100 percentile in weight and height.

Which make sense, because he no longer fits into his diapers.

We are buying size 6!

Do they make a bigger size other than pull-ups?

I have kind-of looked, but I think this is the largest size for real diapers.

I see sleep diapers for older kids and things like that, but what are you supposed to do when your 1-year-old is busting out of size sixes?

Seriously, the sticky velcro sides are unlatching.

And for once in my life I am not buying cheapies!

(I know the value of a good diaper…trust me)

We are wearing Huggies and Pampers.

Crazy big kid.

No wonder my back hurts.

The good news is the doctor said he is perfectly healthy.  I shouldn’t be worried about his weight because it is proportioned.

So yay for a good report.

And boo for small diapers.


Leftovers turned summer salad

For a quick lunch today we chopped up the leftover steak and asparagus from last nights dinner, mixed it with the quinoa, threw in some Parmesan cheese and random seasoning, and viola!

An asparagus and steak summer salad.

I’m pretty proud of myself.

Lincoln didn’t like it but what do toddlers know.

He can’t even talk yet, so obviously the answer is, nothing.

It was good.

Trust me.


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Jiggle Jam KC: The largest family festival in the country.


This was our first year going to Jiggle Jam and I was totally psyched about this event.

But once I got there I realized this would be a really fun thing to do if I had about four more hands


A babysitter for little Bo.

There were bubble tents, craft tents, dance tents, face painting stations, and of course, music.

This would have been a blast, and it was a lot of fun, but I can’t do crafts with a little toddler while an infant is strapped to my chest, we are lugging around a stroller, and Linc is being his usual, have no fear I will totally run away from you in a crowd, self.

And can you imagine trying to use a port-a-potty?  How would that even work?  Enter with the baby strapped to my belly and a toddler attached to my hand, and risk leaving the stroller with all of our stuff outside?  Not to mention trying to actually go to the restroom while trying to keep the toddlers hands off of everything disgusting in the port-a-potty.  And what would I do with the baby, leave him strapped to my chest?  This is the stuff nightmares are made of, I didn’t even attempt it.  I decided at the point during the day when I had to use the restroom, we would be leaving.  Seems reasonable to me.

Despite my poor planning and not finding a babysitter for the wee one so that Linc and I could truly go all out and enjoy the festivities, we did have fun.  We will definitely be doing the Jiggle Jam again.


Bubble tent was a fan favorite.






The BIG fair-sized lemonade was a huge hit.  And only half of it ended up on his shirt.  Success!




Bo lounging in the grass.


The most awful picture of Linc ever.  I will be keeping this one to show his first girlfriend.  Graduation. Wedding.  So many possibilities.


Hanging out, dancing to the tunes.







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Lincoln makes me smile.

I love this kid.

He cracks me up and makes me smile all day long.

It’s a good thing too.

It just so happens we spend a lot of time together 🙂


I love his obsession with basketball.  Sure I hear that word in my sleep but at least it isn’t Dora or something worse.  I can live with basketball, heck, I even like it.  The fact that he has to take a basketball with him everywhere is nothing less than hilarious.  Screw a blanket or stuffed animal.

Pass that kid the rock.


He makes me spray perfume on him every morning.  Love it…people tell me constantly that Linc is “all boy.”  Well this boy likes to smell good.  We have the application process down.  Spray, then dance in it.  It has become a part of our morning routine.


I like watching him eat.  Is that weird?  He just looks so cute.  He will stuff a bunch of food in his mouth and then try his best to chew with his mouth closed.  I didn’t teach him that, he just born with these impeccable table manners (har har).  Maybe it’s a toddler thing.  Do all toddlers chew with their mouths closed?


If at any point during the night I say “go hug BoBo”, he will.  This is amazing because he only listens to me when he wants to, which is rare, so he must really like his brother.  It is so sweet.  And kind of dangerous, he is a little rough.


Bedtime kisses.  He is not very cuddly but when I am tucking him in at night he can’t get  enough mommy kisses.  I love it.  These few minutes are my absolute favorite of the night





Yesterday when dad went to pick up Linc at daycare, Linc did the cutest thing.

As they were headed to the door Linc said, “BoBo?”

Dad, “no buddy, it is just me and you today, Bobo is home sick.”

Lincoln then broke down into tears, crying and throwing a huge fit.

“BoBo, BoBo, BO BO!!!”

Finally, dad walked Linc down to Bo’s classroom, so that he could see for himself.

He looked in, he searched.

No BoBo.

And then it clicked.

“BoBo, Mama?”

“Yeah buddy, Bo is with mom.”

And then Linc ran towards the door to leave.


When his dad told me this story my heart melted.

He is only 20 months old and already looking out for his little brother.

There was no way he was going to leave daycare without his Bo.