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What Linc is Reading: Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli


The boy loves this book.

But it is all in how it is read.

And I am incredibly obnoxious.

Each page has a LOUD noise and a quiet noise.


The key is to yell the LOUD noises as LOUD as you can.

And whisper the quiet noises so so quietly.

So much fun.

And he can’t get enough.

However, this would be a really bad choice for a bedtime book.




What Linc is Reading: Hippos Go Berserk by Sandra Boynton


This is just one of our favorites.

If you are a parent and have yet to discover Sandra Boynton books.

Find them!

They are awesome.

This story is cute and it deals with counting.

I must read this book to Linc every other day.

He loves it and so do I.

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What Linc is Reading: Our holiday book tradition

Linc is a big reader in the on the broom

Almost every day he will pull a few books off his shelf and bring them to me to read.

Today he brought me Room on the Broom by Axel Scheffler.

Even though this is very much a Halloween inspired book and it is very clearly not Halloween.

I was excited to open the book.

Because I knew that I would find a special note inside.

Holiday Book Tradition

I started a tradition when Linc was just a wee little tot of buying a book for every holiday of his first year of life.

In the cover of that book I wrote him a note of what he did on this holiday.

Where we were.

Who we spent it with.

And any other information I thought was meaningful.


I am so glad that I did this.

Now we have a book to read on every holiday and it is a great keepsake of things we have done.

Even though it is nowhere near Halloween it was fun opening that book today and reading the memories that we have made so far in his life.


Now it is Bowen’s turn for his holiday books.

I am so glad that Linc brought me that book today.

It was a great reminder that I need to head to the bookstore and pick up a St. Patrick’s day book for my little BoBo.


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What Linc is Reading: These stupid, stupid alphabet books.

toddler reading

Baby Einstein, we are not friends.

I hate these books.

There are so many of them.

And they make a mess.

And they are boring, at least to me and anyone else over the age of 5.

But Linc loves them.

From the dumping of the box.

To the picking out of each book one by one.

He’s obsessed.

Certain letters are better than others.

N is great because he can point to his nose.

I read a lot of N.

T is also amazing.

Toes, he likes toes.


There is just something about that purple X.

He can’t get enough.

I’m tempted to hide the box.

toddler reading

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What Linc is Reading: Mr. Moo Can Moo Can You?

Mr. Moo

I think it is only fitting that we talk about Linc’s favorite Dr.Seuss book on Dr. Seuss Day,

But to be honest we do not read a whole lot of Seuss.

Unknown-2(although I’m not sure why)

But Linc loves Mr. Moo.

He finds all the sounds very amusing.

He hasn’t started trying to make them himself yet but I am sure that will come.

Some random Dr. Seuss trivia:

Dr. Seuss was actually given site words by teachers and challenged to write books using only those words.

Which is how the Cat in the Hat came into fruition.

Soooo, if you are teaching a little one to read, Dr. Seuss is a great start.