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Must-Have Mom (or Dad) Gadget: Fever Bugz


Our daycare turned me on to these and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.


Basically you stick the Bug to your kid, on their chest, forehead, armpit area, or between their shoulder blades, and you can monitor their temperature with just a look.

I don’t know about any other parents, but taking a temperature can be nothing short of a wrestling match in our house.  This makes things so easy and I am a big fan of easy.

There is no fuss!

You don’t have to wake your kid up to check their temperature!

Lasts for 48 hours!

And kids can even bathe in them!

***I purchase mine through but you can also buy them at Walgreens if you are not into online shopping.  



I breast feed because it is easy and cheap, not because I am better than you.

My little guys are boob men.

Boob man

And I get it, I am lucky.

Breast feeding is just easy for me.

Both my kids latched right on within hours of being born.

My milk came in weeks before my due date,

And I make plenty.

I feel like so many moms breastfeed with judgement.

Like their bond with their child is so much more substantial because there child is sucking on their nipple as opposed to the nipple of a bottle.

Or that they deserve a gold star because breast milk is soooo much better for children.

I’m a teacher.

When a student comes into my class I have NO IDEA which students were breast-fed as children, but it is often very obvious to me which students have parents that care about them.

Breastfeeding should not be the status symbol of motherhood.

And I feel bad that it has becomes such a thing.

When I tell a bottle-feeding mom that I breast feed, I instantly get an excuse from her as to why she is not breastfeeding.

I just want to tell her that she does not need to justify her choices as a mother to me or anyone else.

Am I the only one that feels like this judgement exists?

I know the judgement can fall on breastfeeding moms when they breastfeed for too long.

I actually had someone tell me it was gross that I was breastfeeding my nine month old.

But that is a whole other blog post.

So is it me?  Am I the only one that feels like there is some unfair judgements on bottle-feeding moms by breastfeeding moms?  Do breastfeeding moms feel superior, or do bottle-feeding moms feel unnecessarily guilty?




My Valentine Babies


Top 10 Things I LOVE About My Boys:

1. They make life fun.

2. Lincoln’s dimples.

3. Bowen’s big ‘ol lips.

4. The fact that Linc would rather watch basketball than cartoons.

5. Bo’s ability to already sleep 5 hours straight.

6. All the sloppy kisses I get every week.

7. Every high-five, cheer, and hug I receive just for being their mom.

8. Morning cuddle time.

9. Late night giggles.

10. And all the little moments I can’t put into words.  The privilege of raising two beautiful babies is more than I deserve and I thank God for them every day.