Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.


Lets get this over with.

The longest week ever is soon to commence.

I am going to cherish every second of this glorious weekend before my nightmare week begins.

It is the last week of school for my graduate classes.

I have one lesson plan due, worth a fifth of my grade.

One mini lesson due that needs to be videotaped, also worth a fifth of my grade.

A research project on Task Based Learning, can you say fifth of my grade?

And then a final exam.

Hooray for an excessive amount of homework due in one week.

And if that is not bad enough.

This is field day week.

When everyone else hears the words Field Day and they are filled with thoughts of sunshine, laughter, and games.

Everyone but me.

I think, planning, work, organized chaos, and a giant mess to clean up.

I am glad everyone else enjoys this day.

Truly I am.

But right now I’m a little stressed.

I will be relieved when this week is over.

It’s only one week.





Yay for me!!!

I don’t know normally like to toot my own horn but I am super excited.

At the end of last school year I applied for a teachers scholarship in order to get my ESOL endorsement.  For those of you not in the education field an endorsement is something that is added to your certification and basically means that I am qualified to teach a different subject area, specifically for me English as a Second Language.

Considering I teach in an urban district with a large population of ESL students,this is a pretty valuable endorsement.  Plus, I will go up on the pay scale.  Plus, these credit hours lead me half-way to receiving my masters.


I found out yesterday I was awarded the scholarship!!!

I am pretty excited.

My schooling will be paid for, what a relief.