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A very cold and under-whelming parade.

This morning started off good.

I woke up smelling of the baby vomit that I slept in half the night.


Managed to get the sour milk smell out of my hair and got dressed.

Only to quickly get pinched by my evil, over-zelused brother.

It is official.

St. Patty’s day is here.

And we had plans to see a parade.

We all dressed up very warmly.

Donned our silly hats and ties.

And drove our way to Westport.

It was cold.

36 Degrees and off and on rain to be exact.

We found our spot and sat.


And sat some more.


And then we sat even more.


The parade was late.

But with hope in our hearts we continued to sit.

And if the size of the crowd was any indication of the quality of the parade we were soon to see,

Surely it would be good.


The parade sucked.

First, a car.

Then, another car.

Then a banner with a couple people walking behind it.

A firetruck.


We left.

Shortly after my father became angry with someone who stood in front of Lincoln.

Go dad.

Linc and all of us had been sitting there over an hour and she pushed up to the front, squeezed in between his stroller and the barrier and stood right in front of him.

Who does that?

But dad handled it and kindly explained to her that the boy had earned his spot in the front row.

So she left.

What a lame parade.

California makes floats with roses and Kansas City can’t even make a darn float at all.

Weak Kansas City.



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Oh what a night.

toddler in city

Last night we were invited downtown by one of our old friends from Michigan.

Paul was in KC for the college basketball conference games.  He was working some golf expo.


We hung out and watched Uncle Mike in a 3 point contest.



kansas city college basketball

Saw the sites.


Then went to dinner.

toddler at dinner

Lincoln watching basketball was a huge highlight, but it was even better seeing old friends.

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Drive-in and a blogging hiatus.

Life has been crazy lately and truth be told I have been extremely unmotivated to do anything, blogging included.  I have not been feeling well and the idea of getting of the couch has been daunting.

My sincerest apologies.

It will never happen again 🙂

Here are a few pictures of a summer favorite of mine…the Drive-in!!!

We officially wore the kids out!

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Just Catching Up

I have had an exciting last few days.  I had my six month baby shots, I went to a house inspection (everything looked pretty great), I watched KU beat THE Obnoxious Ohio State, I sat around and watched mom dad and uncle Mike wash cars, AND I tried solid foods for the first time.  With all this going on you would think I would be tired but NOPE, sleep is for the birds.  I like to keep everyone up at my house aaaallll niigghhtt loooong.

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Hunger Games


I am a very trendy baby. Tonight I went and saw the new Hunger Games movie.  Everyone thought it was pretty great, but I had a lot of trouble sitting still and sometimes I really like to be noisy. Hearing myself talk is sometimes way better than whatever else is going on. Plus, I realized that if I make a lot of noise then mom takes me on walks and plays with me. It is awesome.

After the movie we all went out to mexican food. I had fruit but it was still fun sitting with everyone. My friend Bud always makes faces at me that make me laugh, and Katie is so sparkly.

It was a great night but I was pretty sleepy when i got home. Mom read me my bed time story and then off to bed.