Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.


Mothers Day 5k.

What a great way to start out my Mothers Day.

Most often Mothers Day is kind of family day.

But this year a group of us got together to walk the Mothers Day 5k.

Friends, friends moms, friends kids, my kids.

It was fun.




Lincoln did not want to wear his tiara (it was an all women’s race, it was going to be his clever disguise).







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One of those moments.

toddler boy

It was last night.

Tucking my little Linc into bed after a long day.

After reading our book and saying a prayer I handed him his pet giraffe,

But he wanted something else.

After some whining and frustration with me not being able to figure out what he wanted,

He just grabbed my face.

And with both hands pulled me in for a sloppy little toddler kiss.

It was just one of those moments.

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Battle of the Brush…Okay, it’s not a battle (that just sounded good) but it does seem unproductive

toddler brushing teeth


Those tiny teeth.

That little tiny tooth-brush.

The Thomas the Train toothpaste.

And my sweet little boy.

It really doesn’t sound too menacing, and it’s not.

So I don’t know why it bothers me.

Probably because I feel like nothing is really being accomplished.

First I let him try.

Silly, he just puts it in his mouth takes it out, repeat.

Then I help.

Also silly, I struggle to get him to open, I try to brush his little pearly whites, but it really just seems like the toothbrush barely makes contact.


I am hoping that forming the habit is really the purpose of toddler tooth brushing.

They do, after all, lose these teeth eventually.

And he does look pretty cute trying.



toddler brushing teeth


Brotherly Love



This will be one of many pictures of my two boys together.

I look forward to all of the years.

I look forward to all of the hugs.

All the high fives.

All the wrestling.

All the balls being thrown or kicked in the house behind my back.

All the giggles.

All the bedtime secrets.

The blanket made forts.

The bike rides.

And the small successes.

I look forward to all the times were you will stick up for each other.

Be a good friend.

And an encouraging voice.

I am so excited for you to share your lives together.

To grow older with a best friend.

To know that you always have someone in your corner.

I am so glad you are brothers.

Though there may be fights and a little rough housing along the way.

You will always have each other.

Brothers are forever.


Please, don’t helicopter my child.


This has started to happen to me more and more.

People “helping” my kids.

We will be at the playground or walking through a store and Lincoln will struggle,

He will trip over his own feet.

Struggle to get up some steps that may be too big for his little legs.

Or slide down a slide that is may be too steep.

And I will watch.

I don’t sit back and watch because I am a mean mother, I watch because I believe my son can figure it out.

My child is strong enough to get up those steps- he just needs to realize it.

My son is perfectly capable of picking himself up after a spill- and he has no problem doing it.

If he slides down a slide and lands on his butt, he can decide if it was worth it- and 9 times out of 10 he will want to do it again.

And I truly believe my son is smart enough to problem-solve his way through any situation that may be challenging for a toddler.

I believe in my kid.

So I watch him.

And if you want to practice a different form of parenting, go ahead.


If he falls, please, don’t help him up.

If he is about to go down a slide that you may think is too steep for him, please, don’t stop him.

And if he is figuring out how to get  onto large playground equipment, please, don’t assist.

Because I am his mother.

And I don’t think you are helping my child.

You are stifling his learning.

And you are taking away his opportunities to problem solve.

Trust me, if my kid is in harm’s way I will be the first person he sees, I will be the first one to comfort him, and I will be the first one to wipe away his tears.

But I won’t do everything for him,

And I certainly don’t want you to.

Parent your kids however you want (and I will be honest, I may roll my eyes at you from a distance)

But keep your hands off mine.

Have you experienced something similar, or am I the only one? 

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I think he plays dead.

scared infant

That is what I was thinking on my way home from work today.

It was my first day back and my mom has flown in from Washington state to watch baby Bo for these first few weeks.

I told her it would be easy, the kid just sleeps all day until Linc goes to bed.

You will be fine.

Um…apparently I lied.

Bo was awake the entire day.

How could this be?

I wish it had something to do with the fact that he misses his mother so much he was just too distraught to catch some Zzz’s,

but I don’t think so.

I think he plays dead.

If his brother is awake and around, Bowen is “sleeping.”

When big brother goes to bed, all the sudden BoBo is wide awake.

I used to think that he was just bound and determined not to ever let me have a moment to myself,

but I think I have figured out the actual reason.

He is protecting himself.

Linc has had a very difficult time sharing moms attention.

He hits poor Bowen any chance he gets.

He has kicked him in the stomach when he was lying on the floor.

He has stomped on his head.

He has even started forcing food into his mouth, “sharing.”

Try as I may to protect my little cub, I can’t always catch every strike before it lands.

So he sleeps.

Playing dead is his only form defense.

I don’t blame him.

Lincoln is a beast.