Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.


Lets get this over with.

The longest week ever is soon to commence.

I am going to cherish every second of this glorious weekend before my nightmare week begins.

It is the last week of school for my graduate classes.

I have one lesson plan due, worth a fifth of my grade.

One mini lesson due that needs to be videotaped, also worth a fifth of my grade.

A research project on Task Based Learning, can you say fifth of my grade?

And then a final exam.

Hooray for an excessive amount of homework due in one week.

And if that is not bad enough.

This is field day week.

When everyone else hears the words Field Day and they are filled with thoughts of sunshine, laughter, and games.

Everyone but me.

I think, planning, work, organized chaos, and a giant mess to clean up.

I am glad everyone else enjoys this day.

Truly I am.

But right now I’m a little stressed.

I will be relieved when this week is over.

It’s only one week.





Top 5 Lunch Peeves

I don’t know if it is just the lack of sleep or what is going on, but people are driving me crazy.  Even more than usual.  I am sure I do many things to irritate people but here is my list of lunch time pet peeves.

  1.  See-Food Eater: The person who just doesn’t understand that you should swallow your food before talking.  Nothing is so important that it can’t wait until you chew.  If you talk with food in your mouth not only am I grossed out by what I see, but the sound of food stuck in the back of your throat while you speak is enough to make me bang my head against a wall.  I am no longer paying any attention to what you are saying.  Instead, all I am thinking is “please stop talking, please stop talking” on repeat until you are finished or finally feel the urge to swallow.
  2. I’m sooooo full girl: No you’re not.  You ate 3 wheat thins and a diet coke.  Screw you, you are not full and saying you are only pisses me off  because me and the rest of the table just scarfed down four times as much as you and if there was more food in front of me I would still be going.  Everyone at the table knows you are not full and instead you sit here and arrogantly say that garbage to make the rest of us feel fatter than we already do.  Believe me, I do enough damage to my self-esteem without you helping tear it down while trying to build up yours.  Please, eat a darn cookie and shut your face.
  3. I can’t stop talking/complaining about work girl: No one cares.  We all work all day long, everyday is different but pretty much the same and I want to enter the lounge and relax, not talk about the intricate details your job.  Not to mention the fact that you never have anything positive to say.  If you don’t like your job or think it is soooo difficult, do something else.  But I like my job, I enjoy being here.  And yes, sometimes it is tough but I still like it.  If you want to be a negative nancy, fine, but don’t bring the rest of us down by having to listen to you.
  4. Microwave Hog: We have 30 minutes for lunch, and that is being technical.  Really if you take away the time we spend doing something else we have to do like going to the restroom or checking our email before we have students again, we actually end up having 20 minutes.  So, if you decide to heat up a meal that takes eight minutes and three other people need to heat things up….um, do the math.  Be kind, if you bring a microwave meal, fine.  But put yourself last in line if it takes more than five minutes.
  5. Anti-social and Way Busier Than You Girl: This person races in, and races out of the lounge like the pope himself is waiting for her in her classroom.  You’re not that special, and there is no possible way that you are that much busier than the rest of us every single day.  Sit down and eat with your coworkers.  We probably like you and want to say “hi” every now and then, and if we don’t like you, at the very least you will give us something to talk about later. Just joking. Promise.


***Just a little disclaimer. I really enjoy and like the people I work with. This is all in jest. Sometimes even people you like can get on your nerves every now and then.


Whoever said not to cry over spilled milk obviously never breastfed.

breast feeding baby

So after six glorious weeks I unfortunately had to go back to work.


Last Sunday I literally had a bowling ball sitting in the pit of my stomach I dreaded going back so much.

But once I got in on Monday and saw all of my students I remembered why I love it so much.

I missed those kids and my job is so fun.

But you know what is not fun?


I hate pumping.

It is so unnatural and awkward.

And…I don’t really have time for it.

I get 45 minutes a day for plan time.  AKA time without students.

Pumping takes up most of it.

I have to get ready to pump, actually pump (which involves holding two plastic contraptions up to my nipples for about 15 minutes, so I am unable to use my hands for anything else), then I have to walk over to our school’s main building so that I can refrigerate my freshly made baby nectar, and then I have to walk back.

I probably would like to use the restroom during this 45 minutes also, because there is no other time in the day to do that either.

And then poof…I have class again.

Ugh, is it weird that I find this gross and annoying?

I don’t find breastfeeding gross, but pumping is gross and weird.

It just is.

Have I made it clear that I hate pumping yet?

So yes, whoever said not to cry over spilled milk obviously does not know…pumping is awful.


Weekend To-Do List

  • Clean my disaster of living room
  • Clean the disgusting bathroom
  • Dust
  • Do the dishes
  • Go through my extreme tower of mail from the week and pay my bills
  • Do the 3 HUGE piles of laundry from the last two weeks (that is right mom, if you are keeping track, no laundry has been done in this house since you left)
  • Clean out the Gerber Vanilla Stars that spilled into my purse/diaper bag* a week and a half ago
  • Make a grocery store list
  • Go to Costco and see if I can find anything on said list for cheap
  • Go to Walmart Market for the rest
  • Put away groceries (I loathe this)
  • Fold laundry (also loathe)
  • Put laundry away (lets be real this will not happen, and the clothes will remain folded on the love seat for a week before I get sick of it and actually walk them a room away to put them into drawers)
  • Make baby food for the week (a little ambitious considering I have been pretty lazy about this lately)
  • Drive to the gym and cancel my membership because I just bought a treadmill (yay!)
  • Touch base with friends in some way shape or form (probably lunch or something)
  • Find a few minutes for myself (check, this is it)
  • Do all this while keeping a baby happy, healthy, entertained, well fed, and napped

Welcome to the weekend…

Whoever said this was time off was crazy.



At least someone is getting some rest…(my brother’s dog, Dragonlips)



A Saturday morning routine.

Thank goodness it is the weekend.  I need some time to just veg, be with my son, clean the house, pay my bills, go grocery shopping, and regain my sanity so that I can keep going for another 5 days until the weekend comes again.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my job, but it is still a job.  I still have to wake up early, it can still be stressful, and it is still work!  Love it or not.  I love the weekends more.

I am already feeling slightly restored.  Linc and I slept in until about 8:00 a.m. and now we are settling into our Saturday morning routine.

Play in bed.

Feed little Linc.

Turn on the television to some home improvement show and chill while Lincoln plays on the floor.


I don’t know what it is about a home improvement show on a Saturday morning but I think I have developed an addiction.  I don’t think I could watch these shows at any other time during the week, but Saturday morning, glorious.

My favorite is Moving Up.  The premise of the show is that it follows three families as they “move up” into larger homes, the trick is they are moving into each others homes so in the end the families go back to their old home and see how the new inhabitants changed it.

Typically they hate it.

It is awesome.

So that is what I am doing right now.

By the way, Lincoln has now started pulling himself up on the coffee table, which is also cheap entertainment for me.  I love watching him try to work his way up there.

Crazy little boy.

I love watching him grow up.  At times at can be bittersweet as I miss the last stage of his life, but it is so fun to watch him learn new things it is hard to be too upset about the fact that my baby is becoming a boy.



Thankful Thursday


I have so many things to be thankful for…

My little poop machine, Lincoln.  Who is currently sitting in his high chair looking like a hot mess while cracking up at me for who knows what reason.

Having enough.  I don’t have much but I certainly have enough.

A brother who has dedicated his time these last few months to help me look after Linc.

A job interview this next week for summer school.  Summer school is always highly desired in my district, so my fingers are crossed.  It sure would be nice to have part-time position over the summer.

Diet coke and coffee.  Thank God for caffeine because I am sure not getting any sleep.


Next time…

There are many things I was told to buy for a newborn that I never used.  However, there is one thing that I wish I would have had that I didn’t.  It wasn’t on the list of must-haves that I certainly could have lived without, ahem- the Boppy.  And no experienced mother informed me how convenient it would have been to have one of these.

I wish I had a nursing cover.

I had no intention going into this nursing in public.  It was not a desire of mine to whip out a tit and feed a crying baby because “by golly, I’m a mom now and you all need to deal with it.”


But when it came down to real life, a kids gotta eat.

And it was my job to feed him.

I am not a stay at home momma, by day two Lincoln was out and about.  The thing is, I had no idea how often those little bundles of joy would want to eat, and I wish someone would have told me.

I cannot tell you how many awkward moments I had trying to cover myself up with a friends sweatshirt or a clothe diaper/burp clothe.


So, if you are planning on nursing.  Please, for the sake of modesty, sanity, and your own public embarrassment, buy a nursing cover.

And skip the stupid Boppy…just saying.