Mom and Boys

Figuring it out one day at a time.

Weekend To-Do List


  • Clean my disaster of living room
  • Clean the disgusting bathroom
  • Dust
  • Do the dishes
  • Go through my extreme tower of mail from the week and pay my bills
  • Do the 3 HUGE piles of laundry from the last two weeks (that is right mom, if you are keeping track, no laundry has been done in this house since you left)
  • Clean out the Gerber Vanilla Stars that spilled into my purse/diaper bag* a week and a half ago
  • Make a grocery store list
  • Go to Costco and see if I can find anything on said list for cheap
  • Go to Walmart Market for the rest
  • Put away groceries (I loathe this)
  • Fold laundry (also loathe)
  • Put laundry away (lets be real this will not happen, and the clothes will remain folded on the love seat for a week before I get sick of it and actually walk them a room away to put them into drawers)
  • Make baby food for the week (a little ambitious considering I have been pretty lazy about this lately)
  • Drive to the gym and cancel my membership because I just bought a treadmill (yay!)
  • Touch base with friends in some way shape or form (probably lunch or something)
  • Find a few minutes for myself (check, this is it)
  • Do all this while keeping a baby happy, healthy, entertained, well fed, and napped

Welcome to the weekend…

Whoever said this was time off was crazy.



At least someone is getting some rest…(my brother’s dog, Dragonlips)


4 thoughts on “Weekend To-Do List

  1. LOL! The dog’s name is “Dragonlips”?! haha!! That’s awesome.
    Hope you get it all done!! 🙂 You can do it!

  2. First off, beautiful dog! Do you know what breed she is?
    Secondly, I love this list! I have some pretty similar goals, and I think that my most hated chore is the dishes. Yuck. I’d love to just toss them all out, hahaha! My laundry gets folded because I don’t mind that part, but some days (most of the time) it just stays folded in the bedroom and I take my clothes out of the basket for a week or so.

    • She is half long-haired daschund and half chihuahua. And she LOVES my brother. If he leaves the house that dog will literally just sit by the door until he comes back home. So sweet.
      And I hear you on the dishes. My saving grace in that department is that I never have too many, I tend to eat out way to often. A vice I am trying to break, but so far it has not gone so well.

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